About Us

As a subsidiary of Colas SA, HRI, Inc. has embraced the following Business Principles of the Colas Group to guide our activities and relationships as we conduct business with our customers, suppliers, and fellow employees.

Business Principles of the Colas Group

The core of the Colas Group's ongoing success and development lies in preserving the trust of our clients, employees, shareholders and other third parties.

The Group's flexible, decentralized organization enables each and every one of us to exercise the autonomy required by our respective corporate responsibilities in accordance with the distinct characteristics of each location.

The following guidelines will enable everyone to proceed in line with Group policy when he or she is confronted with a specific situation

However, these guidelines cannot possibly foresee every situation which the Group's employees may encounter; we must often rely on common sense in the pursuit of our goals. These principles apply to everyone who works in the Colas Group throughout the world.

Human Resources

Our actions are guided by fundamental respect for each man and woman in the Group.

Efficiency, motivation and personal satisfaction are enhanced by open dialogue, quality working conditions, the integration of new employees, training, promotion and the passing on of experience.


HRI has a strong and unwavering commitment to safety, health, and the environment at all our operations.  Safety is a constant journey with our goal to send everyone home safely, every day.

Safety is our core value and culture beginning  with visible commitment from upper management, active involvement from middle management and participation from our front line employees.  We have industry-experienced safety professionals throughout the company working with and mentoring our employees using a proactive approach through training and hazard recognition.


Respecting and protecting the environment are inherent in the Group's responsible attitude and lead to technical innovations in this field of activity.

Research and Quality

Ongoing research enables the Group to pursue and develop its technical capacity. Every action must contribute to the quality of our products and our work, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. To demonstrate its determination in this field, the Group is progressing towards ISO certification.


In every relationship with third parties, clients and suppliers, the men and women of the Colas Group respect their word and fulfill their agreements.

The sales and marketing actions of the Group's staff comply with existing rules.

Financing political parties is not the Group's vocation.

The Group and its staff refuse to seek or accept any irregular favors.

Each transaction is recorded in the company's accounts with probity and exactness, in compliance with procedures.

There must be no conflict of interest between the role of the employees in the company and any personal activity they may have.

Information and Communication

Accuracy and quality in the exchange of information are key words for the Group's way of management.

Communication--excluding confidential information-is clear and transparent. The staff, shareholders, and any other third party who may be interested are informed of the Group's activities.

Industry Recognition

Winchester, Virginia Pedestrian Mall Improvement Project – Landscape Hardscape Urban Development Award of Merit in ENR MidAtlantic Best Project Competition.

S.R. 310 Reynoldsville, Pa. Resurfacing Project – Quality Paving award from Pennsylvania Asphalt Pavement Association (PAPA)

S.R. 61 Widening Project in Schuylkill County, Pa – Service Award for exceptional Conservation work.