Roads and Highways


Hot Mix Asphalt is a high quality engineered material comprised of approximately 5% asphalt cement and 95% aggregates.  Aggregates are mined and crushed in local quarries meeting strict standards established by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and other agencies.  Aggregates and Asphalt Cement are mixed and combined to produce Hot Mix Asphalt.

Through strategically located Hot Mix Asphalt Plants, HRI, Inc. has the ability to produce and install Hot Mix Asphalt to any specifications.

HRI, Inc. is also a leader in Warm Mix Asphalt technology.  Warm Mix Asphalt is an environmentally friendly asphalt with benefits including: lower energy consumption, lower fumes, lower odors, decreased emissions and easier placement.  Warm Mix Asphalt allows for better compaction on the road, extended paving season, and increased haul distances. 

Cold Patch consists of much smaller aggregate and emulsified asphalt.  Cold Patch is stockpiled at our plant locations with no mixing or heating required.  HRI manufactures Cold Patch under strict standards established by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.  Cold Patch is typically used for temporary patching during the off season, when hot mix or warm mix asphalt is not available.


With a large assortment of paving equipment, experienced crews and plants strategically located in Pennsylvania, HRI can pave any project.  Since we control quality throughout the production process, HRI can meet any specification in the industry. 


As traffic in our nation expands, the need for repair and improvements to our aging transportation infrastructure is becoming more urgent.  At HRI, we have the ability and experience to complete major projects consisting of the reconstruction of interstates and local streets as well as new construction.  We have the ability to perform large excavation, grading, paving, drainage, bridges, and structures.  Our experienced labor force can mobilize  and successfully complete any project.